The Value Tapping mode probes and Non-Contact mode probes are designed for operation in air on most commercially available AFMs. Each model is offered in a pack containing 10 probes or on a single wafer frame containing 375 probes (except for the TESPD). Quantity discounts are available on the packs and are shown on each product’s page.

The optional backside Aluminum coating increases laser reflectivity by roughly 2.5x and is generally beneficial for reducing optical interference from highly reflective samples.

  • NCHV is the most commonly used tapping/non-contact probe and is ideal on a wide range of sample types.
  • TESPD is identical to the NCHV but with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating on the tip side to increase the robustness of the tip.
  • FMV is specifically designed for imaging relatively soft or fragile samples.
  • NCLV is designed for systems where a longer cantilever and lower resonant frequency is required.