AFM Probes

Bruker’s Value AFM probes provide the best combination of competitive pricing with consistent performance and unrivaled AFM expertise and support. These probes are made by Bruker, using Bruker’s world class probe manufacturing processes, with specifications designed for a wide range of applications.  Bruker's Value AFM probes work on most commercially available AFM instruments.

Each probe model is offered in convenient packs containing 10 probes each.  For even better value, you can take advantage of quantity pricing while retaining the convenient 10-pack format.  Some models are also available on wafer frame with 375 probes per wafer.

Reflective backside coating comes standard on our electrical & magnetic probes and is optional on our tapping/non-contact mode and contact mode probes.

Our magnetic probes are coated with a conductive Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) layer for optimal magnetic response. Our electrical probes are coated with highly conductive Platinum Iridium (PtIr) to provide a high level of sensitivity in most electrical applications.