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Q Do Value AFM Probes work on non-Bruker AFMs?

Answer: Yes, these probes work on most commercially available AFMs and SPMs, including Veeco, dI, Asylum Research, Oxford Instruments, JPK, Park, NT-MDT, Agilent, Keysight, AFM Workshop, Hitachi, Agilent, and more. These probes are compatible with any instrument that does not require an additional pre-mounted substrate of backside alignment grooves.
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Q I need to buy a wafer to get the best volume discount deal, right?

Answer: No! With Value AFM Probes, you can get the same amount of probes in individually packaged and sealed 10-packs for the same price as a single wafer. In fact, due to the possibility of mishandling and environmental contamination over time, we strongly suggest buying your probes in 10-packs instead of the wafer, unless you absolutely need the probes on a wafer frame (ie for aftermarket processing, etc).
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Q Do I need Aluminum (or other) reflective coating on the backside of my cantilevers?

Answer: Aluminum reflective coating increases the laser reflectivity, as quantified by the Sum signal, by about 2.5x. This is particularly useful when imaging highly reflective samples as it reduces the optical interference and provides a better signal.
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Q Is it possible to try out probes before I buy them?

Answer: Yes, please use the SAMPLE button at the top of the page, or the “Request a sample” button on an individual product page, to add a free sample pack to your cart, then proceed with the checkout process (or request a quote process if outside of the USA) from there. Sample packs are free but each account is limited to 2 sample packs of different models. Please contact us directly if additional sample packs are required beyond the limit.
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Q How do I place an order?

Answer: In the USA, orders can be placed by credit card online. Additional phone, fax, and email ordering options by region can be found at our contact page here.
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Q My institution/organization is tax-exempt. How do I remove tax from my online order?

Answer: Tax exempt? Your order will be authorized for the tax amount, but not charged, at checkout. Prior to shipment we will check your tax exemption status and remove the tax from your order before charging the final total to your card, provided we have a valid tax exemption certificate on file for your company or institution. Feel free to contact us at to make sure we have your tax exemption certificate on file.
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